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Bucharest, romania — in a surprise move, romania’s largest political party nominated a woman from the country’s tatar minority for prime minister on wednesday if she wins approval from the. The honorable minister louis farrakhan delivered a message of guidance and warning to the muslim world marking the first day of the muslim holy month of ramadan. German chancellor angela merkel was undercut by her interior minister on friday, when he said in an interview that “islam does not belong to germany.

Email forward claims that former australian prime minister john howard told the media that immigrants should adapt to australian culture, language and beliefs or leave the country. Muslims can continue to live in this country, but they will have to give up eating beef, says the chief minister of haryana state. The minister, inger stojberg, said fasting muslims should stay home from work “to avoid negative consequences for the rest of danish society.

Statements falsely attributed to australian prime minister julia gillard advise muslim immigrants to adapt to australian culture or leave the country. India's prime minister just selected an anti-muslim firebrand to lead its largest state. Allegations of complicity in 2002 riots that saw some 2,000 muslims killed belie modi's efforts to present himself as a moderate statesman. A day after defence minister nirmala sitharaman asked congress president rahul gandhi to come clean on whether he described the congress as a muslim party during an interaction with.

Congress leader and karnataka’s minority affairs minister – b z zameer ahmed khan has decided to support all india muslim personal’s law board’s plan to open sharia courts in all districts. Muslims who don't like australia should 'get out' – parramatta mosque chairman the prime minister, said many muslim people had waited a long time to come to. The erumor appears to be an article that quotes the australian finance minister as saying that immigrants who want to live in australia need to live by australian law, not the sharia law of.

List of prime ministers of pakistan the prime minister is vested therefore he was elected on an independent ticket but he served the pakistan muslim league. In 2014, three muslims became ministers in the swedish government clearly the most fervent and committed believer was mehmet kaplan, 44, who took on the role of minister for housing and. Stockholm, sweden — a danish minister known for her strong anti-immigration views on monday called for muslims to take time off work during the fasting period of ramadan, saying the practice.

  • A clip from the honorable minister louis farrakhan's may 27, 2018 address at the nation of islam's international headquarters, mosque maryam in chicago, il.
  • Became prime minister of turkey in 1993 four muslim countries have been or are currently led one cannot generalize the subject of muslim female political leaders.

Lucknow: muslims who voted en bloc for samajwadi party in the recent uttar pradesh assembly elections have got 21% representation in the council of ministers of akhilesh yadav who took oath. Hungarian prime minister says migrants are 'poison' and 'not needed' the populist leader fuels anti-immigrant sentiment and praises donald trump’s foreign policy. How to become a muslim at over a billion members and growing, islam is, by some measures, the fastest-growing religion in the.

Minster muslim
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